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WOOOO my Christmas mini sessions are back everyone!! So what’s it about this year

* Gather up your family for 15 fun minutes In Edinburgh Gardens. Now the weather changes so often in Melbourne, sometimes the spot in the the garden I use changes depending on sun, whether it’s booked etc… So 24hrs before the shoot, I’ll txt you a google dropped pin location.

* Dress up in Christmas jumpers, or just be you whatever makes you comfortable!

*you will get between 15-30 smashingly awesome photos

*Image gallery where you can download your images (high res watermark free)

*10% discount on anything in online store for prints or albums.

Last year my Christmas mini session were $200, and I know things are expensive this year! So as I’m amazing and generous this year my sessions are $150 whaaaaat madness!! YEP I’ve lowered my price because I want you to have some awesome Christmas memories

All for $150!

Ready to book click. HERE

Some reviews from last years Christmas Mini Session…

Nikol Farris “Jenny was warm and engaging and captured some beautiful family moments for us. The results are now filling our walls. Thank you so much!”

Deepthi ‘Jennifer was amazing during the photoshoot. She was very friendly and made sure we were all relaxed and had a good time. Thanks again for the lovely photos! We will cherish them forever ❤️”

Kristy “Great day having family photos taken, Jenny really helped all of us relax and get some fab photos without all the posing and fake smiling. SO happy with all the photos, hard picking which ones to print and hang on our walls. Excellent photographer, highly recommend!”

Check out Liminal wonderland on google to read more reviews of my Christmas minis

Ready to book? Click HERE

FAQ about your Christmas Mini Session….

Do I have to dress up in Christmas outfits? No I want you to be comfortable, if that’s in an ugly christmas jumper then great, Is it in shorts and Tshirt, your finest ball gown haha Whatever you are comfortable with.

Can I bring my fur baby? YES YES YES there is an area in the Edinburgh gardens that is off lead pet dedicated so if your bringing a fur family let me know so we can go there

What if it rains? Well if it’s a small shower it’s so shaded we can still shoot, or we can put up some umbrellas. Most of the time in melbourne it’s a passing cloud and we just wait. IF it is all day torrential rain we can postponne.

If I cancel less than 24hrs will i get a refund? Yes and no, If you cancel less than 24hrs you’ll get $100 back as it’s too short notice for me to fill that spot, but I am more than happy to reschdule to find a date suitable for you.

What if I’m late? As the sessions are 15 mins, and I shoot other people after you, you may only get a shorter session. I try my best to accomodate a buffer but sometimes you may have to wait till after the next family.

What if my child doesn’t want to co-operate? I try not to make the sessions possed and forced smiles. So I’ll step back and let you interact with your child and can take some candid shots. I have woked with kids for over 10 years so I have a few tricks up my sleeve haha


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