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As a wedding photographer, I’ve had the privilege of capturing all different types of weddings stories in some of the most enchanting settings. But every now and then, I stumble upon a venue that truly stands out from the crowd. Noisy Ritual Urban Winery is Located on Melbourne’s iconic Lygon Street. Situated in the heart of Brunswick East, Lovebirds can celebrate their union in style.  This one-of-a-kind spot features stunning industrial details, ambient festoon lighting, and a permanent bar. Here, you can exchange vows and party the night away with your loved ones, surrounded by rustic wine barrels and lush greenery.

Weddings at Noisy Ritual in Brunswick East are beautifully intimate and relaxed celebrations, with top-notch food and wine at the heart of it all. This popular urban winery wedding venue is perfectly placed on bustling Lygon Street. It offers a convenient location for your guests, with plenty of transport and accommodation options nearby. One of the things that sets Noisy Ritual apart is its unique blend of urban chic and rustic charm. The venue boasts a stunning array of locations to have some picture perfect portraits.

Wedding Photography Locations at Noisy Ritual

The main hall, lined with barrels

The window at the front sharing some wine

The alley out the back

And of course just a stones throw away, are the many funky streets that surround Noisy Ritual.

Community Focussed

But it’s not just the aesthetics that make Noisy Ritual the perfect setting for a wedding. Noisy is the sense of community that permeates every corner of the space. Founded on the principles of collaboration and connection, Noisy Ritual is more than just a winery, it’s a gathering place for kindred spirits to come together and celebrate life’s most precious moments. But perhaps the most magical thing about weddings at Noisy Ritual is the way they bring people together.

As I look around at weddings here, I see faces aglow with happiness, hearts overflowing with love. Friends and family, old and new, come together to celebrate the union of two souls. In those moments there’s nowhere else I’d rather be. I’m a soppy romantic at heart, I cry at literally every wedding!

Receptions at Noisy Ritual

No matter which style of reception you choose, you can look forward to a fun-filled night of fantastic food, wine, and dancing at this stylish urban winery wedding venue in Brunswick East. Your guests will sit down to dine on long banquet tables. The space is lit with candles and ambient festoon lighting, creating a beautifully intimate yet uncrowded setting. And what better occasion to celebrate than a wedding? Whether you’re planning a sit-down feast or a casual cocktail reception, Noisy Ritual’s team of highly skilled and dedicated event professionals will ensure everything comes together effortlessly for an unforgettable wedding experience. Customisable wedding packages feature delicious seasonal and sustainable menu options, perfectly complemented by Noisy Ritual’s exceptional handmade, small-batch wines, craft beer and cocktails.

Wine Wine Wine

And let’s not forget the pièce de résistance – the wine itself. Crafted with care and precision by Noisy Ritual’s team of expert winemakers, each bottle tells a story of passion and dedication. From crisp whites to full-bodied reds, there’s something to suit every palate – a perfect complement to the culinary delights served up by the venue’s talented chefs.

The end of the night

As the night draws to a close and the last notes of music fade away, I pack up my camera with a heart full of memories. Weddings at Noisy Ritual are more than just events – they’re experiences, imbued with a sense of warmth and intimacy that lingers long after the final toast. And as a wedding photographer, I feel privileged to play a small part in capturing the magic of these special days.

So, to all the lovebirds out there dreaming of a wedding that’s as unique as they are, look no further than Noisy Ritual Urban Winery. With its blend of urban flair and rustic charm, its sense of community and celebration, it’s the perfect place to uncork the romance and toast to a lifetime of love. Cheers to love, laughter, and happily ever after – may your journey together be as rich and vibrant as the wine that flows at Noisy Ritual.

Pasta thursdays at Noisy Ritual

If need some more persuading head on down to Noisy on thursday’s try some wine and some delicious pasta! Take a step back and imagine your glorious wedding unfold at Noisy Ritual.

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