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A Love story at Projekt 3488.

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Wedding photo in the redwood forrest. a Bride and groom stand still as the bridal party walk around them.

In the heart of the enchanting town of Warburton, a love story unfolded that transcended borders and brought together two souls from opposite ends of the world. Set in amongst the dreaded lock downs, between the middle east and Australia. A wedding via Zoom with a cowboy, a baby and finally a glorious wedding at Projekt 3488. With guests from all over the world and a lot of dancing! Bridget and Elliotts love story is one like no other!


Projekt 3488, is a wedding venue that effortlessly combines rustic charm with modern elegance. The venue’s name itself hints at its unique character, with the numbers “3488” representing the postal code of Warburton. This enchanting venue stands as a testament to the beauty Mark and Sandy have created. A venue that is completely LGBTQI+ friendly, no matter what floats your boat…. You can float it here! 

Vintage aesthetics are blended with contemporary comforts. The exterior boasts a charming facade with exposed brick walls, lending a sense of history to the surroundings. The carefully preserved architectural details, including wooden beams and original features, add character to every corner of the venue. Projekt 3488 outdoor spaces are fantastically enchanting, with a courtyard where you can have intimate ceremonies. A balcony for cocktail hour. The whole garden is surrounded by lush greenery and bathed in natural light, the photo spots in and around Project are endless.

Projekt 3488 has become a sought-after destination for couples looking to celebrate their love in a venue that seamlessly combines history, charm, and contemporary style. Its adaptability and commitment to creating a personalised experience , a goto party venue where you can dance almost all night long!


The Boys

 It was a celebration of love all day, I was privileged enough to capture the essence of  Bridget and Elliott special day, I couldn’t help but be swept away by the beauty of their love story. 

The boys wore exquisitely tailored suits from Oscar Hunt in Melbourne. The house was a buzz with kids and families, running around getting dressed and trying to tie a bowtie. I must admit this is something I know need to learn to do! Proper bow ties look so smart I highly recommend!


The girls house was a flutter with makeup and hairspray, running around in their cute pyjamas. Hair and makeup was done by the very talented Ashton styling. She really made them look naturally flawless, and that hair! Bridget hair stayed fabulous all day!

Bridal Gown was by Mariana Hardwick, a flowing ivory gown that seemed to dance with every step,Bridget just radiated elegance and grace.

Her flowers were by Red wood florist, adorned with soft blush peonies, added a touch of timeless elegance and romance to her soft colour palate, it completed the look and feel of the day.

From the moment I arrived at Projekt 3488, the air was buzzing with anticipation, setting the stage for a day filled with laughter, joy, and unforgettable moments. Bridget and Elliott’s chemistry was palpable, and every photograph seemed to tell a story of shared laughter, stolen glances, and a connection that transcended borders. The venue, provided the perfect canvas for creating timeless moments that will be cherished for a long time hopefully.

The ceremony was held in the church next door, it’s a cute and picturesque church that is straight out of a rom com movie! There was a certain amount of nervous energy in the air, they looked so cute altogether as a family as their little one cuddled into them. 


In and around Warburton there are a tonne of places you can head to, to have wedding photos. You can head to the redwood forrest. A lot of the time at the forrest it can be quite busy, plus it is a thick forrest so can be a little dark. If you want a few redwoods, across the road from the venue near the river is a stunning spot that has about 6-10 redwood trees in a few rows. Perfect!


One of the highlights of the day was the eclectic mix of international guests who had flown in from various corners of the globe to celebrate this union. The wedding turned into a vibrant cultural melting pot, with guests sharing stories, and laughter. The energy of the was infectious, turning the celebration into a lively party that lasted well into the night.

The dance floor became packed and a vibrant eclectic mix of dancing!! The guests proving themselves to be enthusiastic party-goers. The band was and they really lit up the dance floor.

The couple’s departure, surrounded by sparklers and the cheers of their loved one, marked the end of a day that will forever be etched in the hearts of everyone present.


Photography Myself –

Venue – Projekt 3488 –

Hair and makeup – Ashton Styling –

Flowers – Red wood Florist –

Gown – Mariana Hardwick –

Suits – Oscar Hunt –

Video – two way media –

Entertainment –

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