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Yarra Valley Wedding at Hubert Estate.

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A Black and white image of Harriett at St Hubert's estate,  designed by Cera Stribley

Set in in the rolling hills of the Yarra valley (only 45km from Melbourne) surrounded by so many majestic classic wineries, lies the enchanting Hubert Estate! This is by far one of my favourite wedding venues in the Yarra Valley.

Designed by  Cera Stribley architects, they create timeless solutions and experiences. Hubert Estate effortlessly blending the old world with the new. As you approach the striking black edifice, initially seeming rather modest, a simple turn around the corner reveals a building that undulates and flows. Light grey concrete meeting,  a green grassy knoll, perfectly symmetrical black lines cross over into a curvy  operatic dance that lead you up, over the hill and down into a perfectly pitched amphitheatre. How is it possible for such an array of wonders to be in one space you ask? Well this space has my architectural brain buzzing!


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Originally founded in 1862 by Swiss winemaker Charles Hubert de Castella. The winery bears the name of the patron saint of hunting, evident in the stag emblem adorning the wine bottles and little nods to the stag throughout the winery. I admire how a tradition that began 150 years ago remains vibrant in the present day.

Converted into farmland amidst the Great Depression of the 1920s due to a nationwide wine surplus, Hubert Estate made its return in 1966, playing a vital role in the region’s revival. It was in 1966 that Hubert Estate experienced a revival

Fun fact – Huberts Estate was one of the first wineries to replant in the region. This winery helped position Yarra Valley as a pioneering premium winemaking region. Today the winery is run by the Ryan family, I adore how they keep traditions alive!


Colour image of Quarters where you can have a Yarra Valley Wedding at St Hubert's Estate

In 2022 Hubert Estate is revived once again. The team opened, the divine Harriett venue to host weddings, celebrations and private events. Led by Head chef Michael Smith and head wine maker Greg Jarratt who create mouth watering entertainment for the senses. How does beetroot cured trout sound with a beautifully balanced glass of white wine….. um yes please!! I highly recommend the Chardonnay here it’s been one of my favourites for many many years now!

The fun bits and Weddings at Hubert Estate.

Ok, ok so you didn’t come here to read a history lesson; you’re here to discover how a Yarra Valley Wedding at Hubert Estate can turn your day into a symphony of splendour. 

A Ceremony in the Yarra Valley

The ceremony would start around 4/4:30( this is usual spring and summer times, for winter weddings you need to consider daylight savings and move the ceremony earlier).

Guests start to walk down the grey black concrete buildings and enter the cellar door, greeted by high walls and a sculpture of the famous stag protruding. It’s intimidating yet you’re excited to see where am I going. As you walk further in you feel like you are going underground, where towering walls frame a sculpture of the iconic stag. 

The building features subtle lighting, with deep brown walls, and each corner unveils a curved pathway guiding you to new discoveries. To me this this venue is like diving into the rabbit hole of wonderland…. (Do you see where am I going?). And as you descend the staircase’s last step, a meticulously curated gallery of captivating indigenous artwork welcomes you. The windows gaze upon a sea of green and sky, blurring the line between vertical and horizontal. The meticulously crafted amphitheatre captures every sound while cocooning you in your own world. An ethereal space to exchange vows without the need for amplification. A perfect bubble for you and your guest in your own world. Your own moment in time, the rest of the world has simply melted away. A private wonderful space that’s simply elegantI personally haven’t seen anything like this before it’s just fabulous.

designed by Cera Stribley. St Hubert's estate winery in Yarra Valley, big glass doors giving a reflection. Yarra Valley Wedding at St Hubert's Estate

Set against the back drop of the grassy knoll with the balcony from the cellar door over looking the space, (with excellent views of the surrounding Yarra valley from Hubert’s Estate). You realise you’re neither underground or above ground but somewhere in-between (Liminal Wonderland). Haha you caught me, I have found the perfect space that captures liminality and the essence of a Wonderland. This space carries you through every moment of your wedding with precision. The staff are so friendly and warm which makes this place a joy to be. The staff go above and beyond with personal touches.


After you say I do guests are treated to effervescent bubbles and delectable canapés, offering an opportunity to explore this captivating venue situated in the glorious Yarra Valley. ( Fun fact no2! As you roam around please pay attention to the font used. I know so random! The font is such a small detail but it’s an important one even the dog bowls use the font. My nerdy brain was in love with this font. It also mimics the hunting nature of the stag).

With “I do” exchanged, you’ll have time for splendid photographs with your photographer, capturing moments both intimate and exuberant. Whether seeking romance, architectural grandeur, or carefree fun, the venue provides myriad backdrops. Champagne sprays, courtyard relaxation, vineyard strolls, and lakeside gazing all await your pleasure. Or go for outrageous fun and roll down the hill! If you book me and do this I will buy you a bottle of wine! Maybe bring a back up dress though I don’t want questionable grass stains on your wedding dress 😉

HARRIETT at Hubert Estate

Step inside Harriett with me, the space is perfectly light filled. It’s fresh but still keeps the theme of straight line symmetry meets curvy Beyonce. This is how I feel the design aspect was created straight lines and curves create a harmonious space.

The venue provides linens and table settings. You can add external stylists to your day if you want to enhance the space, and they are especially recommended for the ceremony. And below I have listed a few of my favourite stylist I love to work with!

The dining area can seat upto 200 guests you can choose to have round or long tables. I love the long tables, my best advice is sit amongst your guests not separate. When I said ‘I Do’, I sat at a normal table in amongst my guests and loved it. I felt more part of the wedding and got to be involved with alllll the banter!

A cocktail-style wedding can accommodate up to 350 guests, but let’s consider the comfort of guests in high heels – a moment’s rest is always appreciated. The venue is licensed till midnight (huzzah) so you may party all night long. Since there’s no one around to hear you you can make as much noise as you like pretty much. I can imagine a dance floor here would go off! With Wine on tap (literally yes it’s on taps how amazing) what’s not to love. 

Yummy Yummy things at Hubert Estate

The food for your Yarra Valley Wedding at Hubert Estate is by the fabulous head chef Michael Smith. Michael originates from the renowned Jacques Reymond, known for his three-hatted establishment, and was discovered by Adam D’Sylva to join the team at Tonka restaurant. Now the executive chef at Hubert Estate he weaves a tapestry of dishes that engage the senses and ignite curiosity. Wine enthusiasts receive equal pampering, as the selection encompasses Prosecco, Riesling, Chardonnay, Rosé, Pinot Noir, and Shiraz, all available on tap.Delving into Deluxe and Premium wine packages is a delightful consideration upon inquiry.


For a Yarra Valley Wedding at Hubert Estate pricing is between $220-$250 pp for all inclusive Canapes, entrees, mains deserts and times beverage packages. You can obviously pay for your guests the whole night or have a paid bar as well.

So a Yarra Valley Wedding at Hubert Estate

Well what do you think? Does it sound and look amazing? Can you visualise yourself here? It can be overwhelming to choose the right space, and it really depends on you. What do you love and what’s important to you?

So do you love the Yarra Valley?

Are you a lover of elegance?

Do you love having everything taken care of so you don’t have to worry?

Little personal touches excite you?

You adore history and tradition?

You are the focus of the day?

Do you love art, architecture, design?

Exquisite food and wine is the top of your list?

Do you value privacy and intimacy for your day?

If all of these are a yes then this is the space for you. It ticks all your boxes so you can simply be YOU and RELAX. I also need to mention the space is LGBTQI+ friendly, and all my vendors listed below are as well.

My Favourite Vendors to Use in The Yarra Valley for Hubert Estate

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