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Venue feature Projekt 3488. Read about my biggest ever publication and the beautiful couple that had a Yarra Valley wedding.

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Liminal Wonderland

Oh My goodness I’m So excited it’s out! How beautiful is Yarra Magazine! I’m so thrilled to be featured as a photographer for this incredible venue, Projekt 3488 in Warburton.

I thought I would take some pictures of the magazine and share this exciting moment. I have had a few images featured on online magazines, but I have never been featured in print! There’s something so special about having a printed Magazine. Liminal Wonderland is a business I began, while pregnant and in the middle of all the many lockdowns. I am so grateful and honoured to all the couples that have chosen me as their wedding photographer. When I opened the magazine and kept turning page after page, more and more I started to cry! Want to see my reactions….. head to check out my stories.

an open page from a magazine, about a wedding. Magazine article about Yarra Valley Weddings

Yarra Magazine

This magazine is so beautiful, a quarterly magazine that celebrates living in the Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges. I absolutely adore photographing weddings in these locations.

Yarra Magazine is committed to excellence in editorial content and beautiful photography, this is why I feel so honoured to be featured. The magazine showcases the best of the region with articles about food, wine ( I do love wine!!) culture, home and gardens. They give a glimpse into the diverse lives of the incurable community that makes up the Yarra valley and Dandenong ranges. I know so many amazing people who live in these areas, and I just adore photographing weddings in this lush region of Victoria!

an open page from a magazine, about a wedding. Magazine article about Yarra Valley Weddings

Projekt 3488

Set in amongst the beautiful village of Warburton, the red wood forest area where in Summer it’s balmy and warm, in winter it’s lush and fresh. This area of Victoria can quite magical no matter what the season! As you approach the old Masonic lodge you’re not quite prepared for what is on the inside. I walked through the doors of Projekt 3488, my jaw hit the floor, I was in awe of the space! A giant Disco ball in the dance hall AMAZING! An incredible circular balcony that looks down on the ceremony area where the couple are showered in thousands of petals for their first kiss. Plus a luscious garden out the back of the venue. A treasure trove of trinkets, that are perfectly placed all through projekt set the tone of this venue. You are literally opening the door to wonderland and being transported!

The openness, the diversity and the total acceptance of anyone that walks in the door is just wonderful. This venue is  just incredible. Mark has created a space that is so warm and welcoming. It’s a fantastic space that is so versatile whether you are looking to host a party, a birthday, an event a wedding this is the space. The staff at the wedding I also have to give credit to were so lovely, fun and accommodating. As it says on the website “ Projekt 3488 is here for Love’ and you defiantly feel the love that is poured into every wedding here.

When you get married at Projekt you become part of the Projekt family too. I cannot wait to go back to Projekt 3488 to shoot another wedding. Currently they sit at the top of my list for wedding venues! It’ll be hard to beat. ( watch this space for the next blog on top 13 Wedding venues to get married at, spoiler you know what number one is haha)

an open page from a magazine, about a wedding. Magazine article about Yarra Valley Weddings

Sarah and Mat

Beautiful Beautiful Sarah and Mat, the feature of this post. I met Sarah 8 years ago, and when she asked me to photograph her wedding I was so honoured! She is such a beautiful soul and  Mat is definitely the yin to her yang. I will never forget the radiance and joy that beamed from the two of them on their wedding day. Two beautiful souls that just deserves all the happiness in the world.

The day was just perfect, so much fun! From start to end. I danced all night long (obviously I was working haha) The couple had a blast, their guest partied so hard, and I left feeling like I cannot wait to give the their images. When Sarah and Mat messaged me saying ‘My god Woman you have delivered, they are everything and more’, this makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Knowing that I captured their love story. I did the best I could and then I did more.

When you book me I promise you I deliver 100% then I go further haha. Every time you open your wedding album or play the slideshow, I want you to feel like you are being transported right back to your wedding day. And all the feelings of your wedding come flooding back. If this si what you want? Then I am the gal for you!

A quote I learned at university that has stuck with me over the year is ‘There is one thing a photo must contain- the humanity of the moment’ Robert Frank, and hopefully every wedding that I do I achieve this.

an open page from a magazine, about a wedding.

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