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Christmas Mini Session

WOOOO my Christmas mini sessions are back everyone!! So what’s it about this year * Gather up your family for 15 fun minutes In Edinburgh Gardens. Now the weather changes so often in Melbourne, sometimes the spot in the the garden I use changes depending on sun, whether it’s booked etc… So 24hrs before the […]


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Post Office Hotel

Nestled in Brunswick, the Post Office Hotel holds a special place in my heart as a cherished pub. With most of my friends located in the northern suburbs, it has been our go-to spot for countless gatherings – from birthday celebrations to lazy Sunday afternoons basking in the sun. This establishment boasts a warm, family-friendly […]


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a colour image of St Hubert's estate winery

Yarra Valley Wedding at Hubert Estate.

Set in in the rolling hills of the Yarra valley (only 45km from Melbourne) surrounded by so many majestic classic wineries, lies the enchanting Hubert Estate! This is by far one of my favourite wedding venues in the Yarra Valley. Designed by  Cera Stribley architects, they create timeless solutions and experiences. Hubert Estate effortlessly blending the […]


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Intimate Melbourne Elopement for Flo and Gary.


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Castle wedding in Aberdeenshire

Let’s talk about castles! So, you are planning a wedding in Aberdeenshire and want a castle? Well Aberdeenshire is a beautiful part of Scotland with an abundance of castles. Fun history fact – The county was once home to the ancient Pictish kingdom of Fortriu and there are hundreds of castles to choose from!! A […]


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