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Noisy Ritual

As a wedding photographer, I’ve had the privilege of capturing all different types of weddings stories in some of the most enchanting settings. But every now and then, I stumble upon a venue that truly stands out from the crowd. Noisy Ritual Urban Winery is Located on Melbourne’s iconic Lygon Street. Situated in the heart […]


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A Love story at Projekt 3488.

In the heart of the enchanting town of Warburton, a love story unfolded that transcended borders and brought together two souls from opposite ends of the world. Set in amongst the dreaded lock downs, between the middle east and Australia. A wedding via Zoom with a cowboy, a baby and finally a glorious wedding at […]


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a colour image of St Hubert's estate winery

Yarra Valley Wedding at Hubert Estate.

Set in in the rolling hills of the Yarra valley (only 45km from Melbourne) surrounded by so many majestic classic wineries, lies the enchanting Hubert Estate! This is by far one of my favourite wedding venues in the Yarra Valley. Designed by  Cera Stribley architects, they create timeless solutions and experiences. Hubert Estate effortlessly blending the […]


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2 girls posing for a picture in a green house wearing fabulous gowns and a crown

The 4 best wedding makeup artists in Melbourne

Let me help you navigate the extremely difficult list of Melbournes most amazing makeup artists. If you wish to skip the reading bit (haha like me) go straight to the bottom you’ll find links to the lovely makeup artists I recommend. If you do like to read the information then you’ll find 4 of the […]


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Bride and Groom in Melbourne having wedding photos

Davida and Jame Melbourne city elopement

About the Author Jennifer MacDonald at Liminal Wonderland loves anything sci-fi and re runs of Gilmore girls. Loves baking and Champagne. Jennifer spends her free time hanging out with her husband and toddler that keeps her active. Jennifer is a wedding photographer based in Melbourne, Vic. She specialises in capturing artistic portraits paired with unique […]


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Intimate Melbourne Elopement for Flo and Gary.


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Wedding ceremony at Projekt 3488. Black and white photo of couple getting married. Close up of hands.

Celebrants in Melbourne

Everything you need to know when looking for a celebrant in Melbourne.  So you’re getting married! Wooooo CONGRATULATIONS, and you’re ticking off those big things on your list. Now you’ve decided you would like a celebrant to perform your ceremony, where do you look, what do you look for, how do you pick. You want […]


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Small intimate wedding. Guests enjoying a cosy dinner at Panmama Dining Room.

Melbourne restaurants for small intimate weddings.

So you want to have a small intimate wedding, you want just those who mean the most to you. ‘Micro-Weddings’ are becoming more and more popular, people are wanting connection with their guests. Don’t get me wrong I also love the joy that larger weddings bring. For the purpose of this article I am going […]


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Bride and groom in the garden at Projekt 3488 having a wedding photo taken

Projekt 3488 Wedding

Sarah and Mat’s winter Wedding at Projekt 3488 Sarah and Mats’ beautiful winter wedding in Warburton at the amazing Projekt 3488. It’s a wedding of love overflowing, bliss binding, and epic day of dance shinanginas. Check out their wedding photos that Sarah and Mat will cherish for an eternity of clock – rewinding memories. Sarah […]


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How to organise your wedding timeline.

Want to organise the perfect timeline for your wedding? Want to be stress free? well read on for how I like to organise my wedding timelines. So you’ve landed on this post and you’re thinking Jennifer please help! Well I can help you organise your wedding timeline in a flash! Weddings can be stressful, it’s […]


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